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Shamanism is the oldest way of healing. Ethnologians say, that tracks of Shamanism can be dated back to 30 til 40 000 years ago.
Dr. Michael Harner, Ethnologian
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If we talk about holistic healing we mean, that body, spirit and soul are brought back into harmony. Shamanistic methods support the healing on the soul level and supplements a medical treatment. It is never a replacement for necessary medical practice.

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I completed my Shamanic training with Dr. Carlo Zumstein, Foundation for Living Shamanism and Spirituality FLSS:
  • Return of lost soul portions and centering
  • Improvement of vitality and life energy
  • Dissolution of unconscious shock and traumas
  • Release from craze behavior and fears
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Traumatic events in life can lead from a shamanic point of view to the loss of soul parts. A part of our life essence splits itself off, escapes the trauma. Many people feel after the loss of loved ones, after abuse, forceful acts, an accident, a heavy operation  or so no longer complete, no more themselves. They are cut off from their lives, the environment even partially from their body feeling. Which in a certain situation can be a protective mechanism and indeed very helpful. But over time it prevents that the person can feel him/her- "Self" and live to their full ability. Sandra Ingermann rediscovered and extended Shamanic soul return by realizations of the modern psychology.
Book recommendation:
On the search for the lost soul by Sandra Ingermann
the journey behind the darkness by Carlo Zumstein

Soul centering
Often a returning of lost soul strength is only possible if the searching person within feels his/her load-bearing soul center. There are past life events, positive and negative, where still much soul energy stays contained so we tend to be withdrawn to that point again and again, unintentionally we dive into them and thus no further development is possible.
"If the soul is centered again, it strengthens its spiritual autonomy and conscious transformation to live in the Here and Now." Carlo Zumstein, FLSS
Shamanic extraction
Diseases in the long run show that not only the person suffering but all of us, the environment, the whole universe is touched by it. An important cause for disease and influences of outer forces are so called intruders. With spiritual methods the Shaman knows and thus eliminates them, sending them back into nature cycle. Carlo Zumstein, FLSS
TAOB The Art of Bridging - unifying separated realities
TAOB is to know ones own "business card". It is the art of accompanying people who are searching and being in a conflict between spiritual longing and successful self-transformation within our society. Bridging analyses the connection between our soul-biography and our life-biography. Carlo Zumstein, TAOB